Our Services

Strategic advice

With our extensive planning and legal experience in local government and the private sector, we can provide strategic advice on the prospects of securing planning permission for different types of development on any given site, with early input of this nature often being invaluable in terms of maximising outcomes, whatever your aims and objectives are.

We can give an open and honest assessment of any site and highlight any issues that might need to be overcome to secure consent, enabling these to be addressed upfront where possible. That includes identifying relevant constraints such as, for example, natural heritage designations, rights of way, potential flood or land contamination risks, as well as other considerations such as any previous planning history or relevant precedent decisions, and advising on the planning policy context against which any proposals need to be assessed. We can then also advise on any procedural requirements to be aware of and, where appropriate, recommend the best approach to take to secure a satisfactory consent for the development proposed.

image credit: NORR/HIE