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Pre-application consultation

All “major developments” (as defined by the Regulations) require statutory pre-application consultation to be undertaken before a planning application can be submitted, with that consultation to include at least two public events.  Where this is the case, we can advise on how to ensure that your consultation meets the statutory requirements and prepare and submit a proposal of application of notice (PoAN) setting out the proposed consultation arrangements at an appropriate time (that being at least 12 weeks before a planning application).  We can then also assist with implementing the consultation arrangements including, for example, reviewing, advising on, and providing planning input to materials for the consultation events, and preparing for and attending those to answer any planning questions raised by attendees.  Following the events, we can review consultation responses and advise on how to address any issues raised as necessary, and prepare the pre-application consultation report which needs to be submitted with any subsequent planning application, ensuring that the consultation process, responses, and how these have been addressed are all documented appropriately.