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EIA screening requests

Whilst nearly all developments will inevitably have some impact on the environment, both positive and negative, applications for certain forms of development specified in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations must be accompanied by an EIA report to assess whether or not there are likely to be significant environmental effects due to their size, nature or location.  It is though not always clear cut as to when a full EIA report is required and, in such circumstances, we can assist by preparing and submitting an EIA screening request to the relevant planning authority to seek a formal opinion on this from them in respect of any specific development proposal.

In doing that, we would set out the key characteristics of the development, describe the location of the proposed site, and assess the characteristics of any potential environmental impacts likely to arise from the development making a recommendation as to whether or not a full EIA report is necessary.  In addition, we would identify any specialist environmental reports which may be required to address specific issues, whether that be in respect of, for example, potential flooding, noise, visual impacts or impacts on nature conservation, such that the planning authority has an assurance that relevant environmental issues will be robustly considered in cases when a full EIA report is not required.