ACVO Affiliates event - 24 April 2020

ACVO Affiliates event - 24 April 2020

by aurora planning

We had been looking forward to speaking at the ACVO Affiliates event this month, along with fellow Affiliates Mindblox, AVCO members Aberdeen Arts Centre and SHMU FM, and ACVO’s Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator.

ACVO do tremendous work in supporting third sector organisations in Aberdeen, whether they be charitable, voluntary or community groups.  As part of that, the Affiliates Scheme connects those organisations with private sector businesses who demonstrate a commitment to developing practical understanding, informed choices and effective support for the third sector.   So, in our role as an Affiliate, we had been going to share our views on recent changes in the planning system that will shape the places where we live, work, and play in future, and what those changes might mean for ACVO members. 

However, with the Coronovirus lockdown, that event was replaced by blog post with contributions from each of the speakers, which can be found here.

We look forward to meeting our third sector colleagues at future ACVO events, but meanwhile, if you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, then details of how to do so are available here.

Pippa and Maggie

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