Planning appeals

Planning appeals

Our client Cathy had hoped to provide additional living space for her growing family in a two-storey house in the Ferryhill Conservation Area of Aberdeen, but a planning application for a contemporary dormer window on the rear elevation had been refused by planning officers because the proposed dormer was deemed too large and incongruous in the architectural setting of the house and its surroundings. We were asked to submit an appeal against that decision to the Council’s Local Review Body (LRB), our task being to make the case to the LRB that the proposed dormer was consistent with Council and national policies and, therefore, the planning officers’ decision to refuse planning permission should be overturned.

In our appeal to the LRB, we demonstrated in detail how the proposed dormer window complied with relevant Strategic and Local Development Plan policies and supplementary guidance. At the same time, given the setting was a Conservation Area, we highlighted that Scottish Planning Policy allowed for positive change in historic environments and that the high quality of the design and materials proposed for this dormer window was consistent with that policy.

The LRB upheld the appeal and approved our client’s planning application, so enabling a family to create additional living space and to continue to make full, contemporary use of an historic building.

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