Planning and other consents

Planning and other consents

The former Clydesdale Bank in Stonehaven is a well-recognised feature of the town. It is category B listed and described as a fine, renaissance style building, but it lay empty for a considerable period after the Bank had closed because a new tenant could not be found. It was then identified as a prime location for a small, high-end gym under the Fitness Space franchise, for which both planning permission and listed building consent were required.

Our England-based client asked us to be a local agent for applying both for planning permission and listed building consent in order to help them to navigate their way through these parallel processes. With key planning issues including the need to protect both the building’s listed features and neighbouring residential amenity, we worked closely with our client’s technical team to address concerns raised by the Council, particularly with regard to noise and proposed measures for noise mitigation. At the same time, we demonstrated positive benefits that the proposed development offered in terms of supporting a local business, providing additional facilities to the local community and bringing an empty, listed building back into use, all in accordance with national and local planning policies.

Both consents were successfully obtained, meaning refurbishment of this historic building can now be implemented, and the identified benefits of its new use can be realised.

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