Providing signage which is effective for a business and also sensitive to the historic environment of a Conservation Area is often problematic and, in attempting to provide signage for a hotel in Union Street, Aberdeen, the hotel had met with resistance from the City Council’s planning enforcement officers. This client asked us to help with addressing potential signage enforcement issues and to advise on gaining acceptable signage for the hotel.

We worked with our client’s architect to prepare a planning application for amended signage that would satisfy the requirements of the Council’s enforcement officers and the Council’s conservation officers. We negotiated with these Council officers, including providing them with samples of signage lettering and technical drawings of fixing mechanisms to demonstrate how it was possible to have signage which would benefit a commercial business without having a negative impact on a Conservation Area.

When the final planning application package was submitted, our client had the confidence of knowing that the proposed signage was understood and supported by Council officers and that, in a competitive market place and difficult economic times, the hotel would be able to promote itself effectively.

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